• Karen Haralson

Homemade Fruit Roll-up

It’s summertime and a wide variety of delicious fruits are abundant now. It’s a great time to make fruit leather (better known as a roll-up), a yummy, fun, healthy snack for kids (and adults!). This snack is also perfect for a school lunch or after-school snack. (Our children will eventually go back to school!)

There is only one ingredient necessary – your favorite fruit. You can add a little honey if the fruit is more tart than you would like. A lot of store-bought fruit leather contains sugar and artificial colors that we all want to avoid. Here is a great way to avoid harmful added ingredients, make a delicious treat, and save money.

It is super quick to whip these up and then let your oven or dehydrator do the rest of the work. All you need is a fruit, maybe a little honey, a sheet pan, and parchment paper or a silicone mat. If using a dehydrator, make sure you have a fruit roll sheet or paraflex liner, depending on what type of dehydrator you have.

Don’t forget that fruit leather can also be made with frozen fruit. Just let the fruit defrost before blending it up. So these treats can be made all year long!

So this is all there is to it:

- Pick the ripe, fresh, or frozen organic fruit of your choice.

- Wash the fruit.

- Remove the pit if needed. Fruit like freestone peaches or apricots have pits that are super easy to remove – no knife necessary!

- Place in blender. If the fruit is too tart for your taste, you can add a little honey to sweeten. Puree until smooth.

- Pour fruit mixture onto the parchment-lined baking sheet (if using the oven) or the fruit roll sheet/paraflex liner if using a dehydrator. Spread the mixture out evenly (about 1/8 inch thick), leaving some room from the edges of the pan.

- In the oven: set to the lowest setting and bake for 5-10 hours or longer, depending on your oven and the thickness of the fruit leather. In a dehydrator, the fruit leather should be dry in 4-6 hours. Test in the middle – it’ll dry from the edges in. It should feel dry and solid.

- After it has cooled, cut into strips (parchment and all), roll up, and store in an airtight container. At room temperature, they will last for at least one month. In the fridge, several months, or up to a year in the freezer.

And that’s it! The fruit retains its’ nutrient content because it has been processed at such a low temperature. You will have a delicious, fun, nutritious snack for the whole family. Try it and enjoy it!