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Our Exciting Fall Programs

We are having a busy Fall season! On top of our brand-new program at Youth NOW, we began two of our 3 programs at Mid Peninsula affordable housing sites, with the third to begin late October. We are presenting programs at Parkhurst Terrace in Aptos, and Schapiro Knolls and San Andreas in Watsonville. Each of these programs consists of 5 weekly two-hour long classes. The students in our programs at these sites range in age from 5-14 and number from 12-30, depending on the site. Parents are invited to attend with their children and love to participate side-by-side! Everyone joins together to learn about a variety of topics such as: eating the rainbow, the food groups, healthy snacks and drinks, healthy sweets, fresh and local produce, healthy breakfast, and more! The parents have have told us how much they are learning in these classes and have been requesting adult programs so that they can learn more about healthy eating and healthy cooking. We are hoping to be able to raise the funds to be able to present these classes in 2020.

This program started in 2012 at Parkhurst Terrace on Freedom Blvd in Aptos. Fast-forward to today and we are thrilled to be holding classes at 5 Mid Pen locations in total this year. We try our best to make healthy eating and cooking fun through nutrition activities and games that even turn the pickiest eaters into veggie-lovers! At yesterday's class, noticed that the children that at the first session had declared that they didn't like veggies, and refused to eat any, were now loading the quesadillas they were making up with rainbow colored veggies! Sometimes just getting them to try something that they thought they didn't like, is all it takes to improve their eating habits.

As reported by the CDC in 2017, more than 1/3 U.S. adults have pre-diabetes and our Hispanic population are at a greater risk than non-Hispanics. This makes the Hispanic/Latino population 50% more likely to die from diabetes. With these statistics, we are proud to be able to serve this community in this way to reach our goal of linking generations to keep people healthy and our community strong!

Thank you to all the families that participate in our classes each year and to those of you who are generous enough to help us reach our goal and support our community’s health! If you would like to donate to Nourishing Generations to help us fund these classes into the future, please visit our donate page on our website. With your help, we can improve the health of our community - one veggie at a time!

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