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Boost Your Immune System and Stay Healthy and Strong During Covid-19

Follow local official guidelines for responsible social distancing, face mask-wearing, and hand washing.

What Else Can You Do?

Fresh Vegetables

Eat a Rainbow

In our Nourishing Generations classes, our participants learn that eating healthy is the best defense against getting sick. Our recipes include an abundance of colorful plant foods to complement the healthy protein and fat in a complete meal. One of our most popular classes is the Rainbow Class where children brainstorm foods from all the colors of the rainbow and make colorful wraps and fruit kebabs.

Be hydrated-to ensure healthy mucus membranes with immune enhancing secretory IgA -the 1st line of defense against incoming viruses. Have a big glass of water upon waking. Add a little juice from a fresh lemon for immune enhancing vitamin C and virus fighting limonene. Try for 6 glasses of liquids/ day-filtered water, herb tea, small amounts of juice.

Eat healthy-an abundance and diversity of veggies, fruit and other plant foods. They are rich in immune boosting Vitamin C and bioflavonoids such as the potent anti-viral quercetin as well as immune strengthening Vitamin A and assortment of antioxidants and disease fighting plant nutrients. Limit or eliminate processed foods (foods with chemicals, artificial dyes, sweeteners, sugars), they do not provide nutrients, in fact, they take away or steal nutrients from us - our NG kids call these “nutrition bandits!”

Avoid sugar. It lowers your immune system. Fresh fruit with natural sugar is ok. Fruit is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help our immune system fight viruses.

Add in cultured (fermented) foods, like whole milk yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut or kimchi-Enjoy as a condiment with a meal, to replenish beneficial bacteria in the gut. The gut is the home of the majority of the immune system in the whole body. The probiotic bacteria play a large role in strengthening & balancing the immune system. Eating a diet rich in plant foods will provide probiotic bacteria with the plant fibers they need to thrive.

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